Road Side Assistance Benefit of ICICI Lombard Car Insurance- Read T&C Well

20 September 2013

ICICI Lombard has released a new benefit under its car insurance policy- Road Side Assistance. This do not come free, of course; additional premium is to be paid on ICICI Lombard car insurance policy. On overview, it comes across as a superb new feature but on close view, one can see where the catches lie.

We have highlighted key features of Road Side Assistance benefit and Garage Cash Cover along with a rendition of applicable terms and conditions. Read on to know what you really stand to get.

Flat Tyre Change Arrangement

T&C- You need to have a spare stepney tyre, which will be fit in place of flat tyre by a technician, else flat tyre will be repaired in nearest garage and fitted by technician. You pay for material and spare part costs, they only cover labour and conveyance cost.

Battery jump start

T&C- Technician would be sent to jump start vehicle. You pay the cost of charging battery or replacement; company pays for labour and conveyance costs.

Arrangement of spare key

T&C- On providing identity proof to prove ownership, a technician would be sent to get spare keys from your house provided it is within 100 km within vehicle's location or technician will unlock the car.

Breakdown support over phone

T&C- In case of minor mechanical errors or faults you can ring the company and get telephonic assistance about what to do.

On spot technician for Minor Repairs

T&C- Technician would fix minor mechanical or electrical faults that require less than 45 minutes and no spares. This means, if it is more, you pay!

Towing of vehicle to nearest garage on breakdown/accident

T&C- Vehicle will be towed, if it is immobilized, to nearest garage within 50 km of its location. Beyond that you pay.

Arrangement of rental vehicle

T&C- Company will only arrange a rental vehicle to take you wherever you desire- you bear the charges.

Arrangement/supply of fuel

T&C- If your vehicle stops due to lack of fuel, the company would rush to you with up to 5 litres of fuel. You would bear fuel charges.

Accommodation arrangement

T&C- If your car breaks down or is involved in an accident far from home the company can arrange for hotel accommodation. Again, they are only promising to arrange, you take care of hotel charges. Nobody blames them!

Message relay

T&C- If you are caught in an accident or breakdown the company would send message to persons specified. In the day of smartphones, who would need this service?

Road side assistance worth buying?

You can have maximum 4 claims in a year related to any of the above emergency services of Road Side Assistance, and in places where ICICI Lombard has its network garages. All this comes at an additional premium of only Rs 99- that might be a reasonable price to pay if you use your car frequently for considerable distances.

New add-on cover of ICICI Lombard car insurance- Garage Cash

Under this benefit, you get daily allowance of Rs 500 as conveyance expense for the days your car is in one of the network garages due to damage or if it is stolen. Premium is a flat Rs 2000.

This daily allowance is applicable for 14 days in case of damage or 90 days in case of theft. It is applicable for maximum 3 claims a year. The important point is, if you opt for daily allowance, no further claims will be paid on accidental loss or damage once the car is out of the garage. Similarly, delays in delivering vehicle to garage or non-availability of spare parts will not be entertained for daily allowance cover.

Always read before you leap

Promotional materials never put terms and conditions anywhere close to highlighted product benefits; you have to dig deeper for that. Just as ICICI Lombard's website says in fine print, "Please read the sales brochure carefully before concluding a sale".

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